Mariella Avino

Mariella Avino: eclecticism of taste

"clothing, but not only"

The Pink Closet: discovering the unexpected

Curated by Mariella Avino, The Pink closet is the story of a journey told in a layering of memories, souvenirs, pieces of clothing and objects. It is a spontaneous and personal curation of emotional pieces, as collected during the course of a vacation following a very personal point of view. Eclecticism is the key: in defining the space as in selecting the offer. Each piece is carefully chosen, to inspire and be admired, in an intimate and feminine dimension. The research and selection process is long, accurate and borderless. It extends from New York to London, from Crete to New Delhi, from Como, where ad hoc silks are made, to small Neapolitan tailorshops where pink pajamas are made with the same silks. Italian creaftsmanship - ranging from Bitossi ceramics to Giannico footwear, from Blaze blazers to the Attico glamour - is the main protagonist:

The Pink Closet is a laboratory of what is beautiful and unique, a territory where one can discover the unexpected, the unusual, the unobtainable. The environment enhances the content. playfulness and joy guide the path of discover. Entering The Pink Closet is like starting an amazing treasure hunt inside a contemporary grotto with the walls of ceramic shells and the floor inlaid like a seabed. Transparent and reflective surfaces of antiqued mirrors recall the surface of the sae, while little windows and small seats open all around and the dressing room is a soft and muffled ambiance covered in decorated carpet. Lamps inspired by jewelry and a rotating mirror with incorporated visor enhance the sense of magical surreality. The Pink Closet is a dream, made real. It follows a logic of its own, made of beauty as pure emotion.