Mar-A-Vi-glia Wine

The Pink Closet Palazzo Avino
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Mar-a-viglia is a white wine with a fresh Mediterranean character, coming from two typical grape varieties of Campania, Falanghina and Biancolella. 

This experiment in beauty and love, originates from an enchanted place, in the heart of Ravello, La Cascinetta vineyard of Palazzo Avino. Suspended between sea and sky, in one of Ravello’s most panoramic and suggestive gardens, the vineyard is casted into the blue, set in history, and in the essence of what Ravello and Palazzo Avino represent.

Mar-a-vi-glia stands for "something admirable, exceptional, unexpected”.

This name, full of meaning, is the synthesis of the three Avino sisters’ initials, female heart of the Avino Family.